"Fleck 9500 SXT 1.5

This 1-1/2” full flow Fleck 9500 Valve with SXT controller and 1-1/2” meter is a heavy duty system capable of continuous flow and is available in 120,000 to 300,000 Grain Capacities. 20-66 gpm

"Fleck 2850S 1.5

With commercial and industrial water softeners, you'll save on energy, equipment, plumbing repairs and general maintenance. You can extend the life of linens, equipment and fixtures. Also, you can save on detergents, chemicals, coffee and other beverages made from concentrate. 53-66 gpm

"Fleck 9100 SXT 1

having 24/7/365 soft water. The Synergy is especially efficient with big families or with water that contains iron. 10-25 gpm

Fleck ProFlo SXT

The microprocessor control has just one moving part in the water stream No dials or gears - once you set it, you never have to set it again The meter water softener automatically adjusts to any changes in water usage to save salt and keep you from running out of soft water 7-25 gpm

Fleck 9100 3/4" light duty

3/4" light duty water softeners are designed for light duty water softening applications, such as coffee shops, small restaurants, pre-treatment for reverse osmosis systems and lab water systems 7-17 gpm

"fleck 5600 SXT 3/4

The 5600 Fleck valve is the most popular water softener control valve on the planet, and offers a rigid Noryl valve body with low power consumption and a precision piston-seal-spacer assembly. 7-20 gpm