Industrial Seawater

Systems are engineered for seawater desalination and
other high total dissolved solids (TDS) applications
requiring high pressure pumps. The X3 – Series systems
are rated to handle total dissolved solids as high as
38,000 ppm (with higher levels of TDS achievable by
adjusting the recovery and /or flux rate).

The X3 – Series models range in capacity from 8,000
to 96,000 gallons per day and utilize a clean modular
design that allows for convenient installation, user –
friendly operation, and future expandability. The
larger models in the series are designed with the pump
vertically-mounted on a separate side – by – side skid for
ultimate flexibility, efficient use of space, and ease of
Featuring robust components selected for enhanced performance, the X3 – Series includes a duplex steel plunger – type
pump, high pressure hose, stainless steel valving, and FRP pressure vessels with duplex steel side ports. The larger
models also include VFD motor control of the pump and a motorized feed valve.

■■S-150 Pre-programmed Computer Controller w/soft start*
■■S-200 Pre-programmed Computer Controller w/VFD**
■■8-inch Low Energy Seawater Elements
■■Fiberglass Membrane Housings w/Duplex Steel Side
■■AXEON® 5 Micron Sediment Pre-Filter
■■Multi-Cartridge PVDF/Polypro Cartridge Housing
■■Permeate and Concentrate Rotometers*
■■Permeate and Concentrate Digital Paddle Wheels**
■■Pre- and Post-Filter Pressure Gauges
■■Pump Pressure and Concentrate Pressure Gauges
■■Permeate TDS
■■Flow Control
■■Motorized Feed Valve
■■Low and High Pressure Shut-Off
■■Permeate Flush
■■Permeate Divert
■■Plunger – Type Duplex Steel Pump
■■Powder-Coated Carbon Steel Frame
■■Nitrile High Pressure Hose/Stainless Steel Pipe
■■Sch80 PVC Piping (Low Pressure Side)
■■Chemical Feed Port
■■Chemical Feed Power Outlet
■■Permeate Sample Ports
■■460VAC 3PH 60 HZ